I’ve been strumming an ukulele in my free moments for a couple of years now, and becoming better at it than I am at playing guitar. Fever strings, easier chords. And since I’m also involved in the a cappella community, it struck me what a great tool the ukulele is for close harmony arranging. There are four strings, which have the same intervals as the upper four strings of the guitar, exept the darkest string which is tuned an octave higher. And that’s what makes the ukulele so great – it is already close harmony even with open strings (C major sixth or A minor seventh, depending what you choose as your root note). And from here, most chords (even advanced stuff!) can be accomplished using only one or two fingers, so that only one or two voices of the group are changed at any chord change (yes, I’m simplifying here, but you get the point). So by choosing the appropriate inversions to keep the melody in your chosen voice, or just float the melody above an ukulele SATB backing group, this tiny little instrument could be all you need. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!