Inspiration takes many different paths. Right now, I was reading American Songwriter, a magazine I got at the TAXI Road Rally. It featured an article on the group Chromeo, who told they were very inspired by the White Stripes’ model for success, artistically and commercially. The frontman of the White Stripes is Jack White, thus his name is the bands’ name. Which got me thinking – what can be made out of my own name? My last name is Saebo, and after tasting the vowels and consonants in my mouth, I came up with this chorus:

Can you say boo? Boo!
Boy, was I scared!
I should have seen it coming, but I wasn’t prepared
Can you say boo? Boo!
No warning, no sign
Out in the open, nowhere to hide

Returning to the article, the magazine now resting upside down on the floor, I misread the headline because of the akward reading angle. The headline actually says «Renegades of funk». But I read it as «DECADES OF FUN». Another great song title! A song not about short happy moments, but whole decades! That one article really paid off for me, now I will definately read the whole magazine. Thanks!